Office of the Premier of Niue

Hon. Sir Toke Tufukia Talagi

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Title: ADB (Asian Development Bank) Membership Meeting
Issue Date: 2 May 2018
Issued by:  Premier
 Had good meetings with the president of the ADB yesterday and he seems to be supportive of our application to become a member.
At the meeting of the ADB pacific members he introduced us and gave me a short time to make a statement. As an observer I was not expecting this so was pleased to have the opportunity to thank our colleagues from the pacific.

All going well and the board accept our application we will become the 68th member of ADB in the next meeting in Suva Fiji. Though they tell me it could be confirmed beforehand.

Our team of the acting Secretary to Government Peleni Talagi, Wayne Mc Caughan  from Niue Development Bank and Pats Sionetama including our Manila contact Mario were happy with the outcomes.

Membership would allow us access to TA and other support for projects we identify. It will also enable us to negotiate for concessional loans for major works such as airport and port.

Meetings with select board members Australia USA India etc will continue today.

Just been advised by our advisor Mario we have the required numbers to support our membership. Very happy to have achieved this milestone for Niue and must thank Ian, Mario, Peleni and Pats who were responsible for getting us this far.
Wayne at NDB will be handling the operational side with Poi or Doreen.
The discussions with the Philippines went well and we’ll establish diplomatic relations soon. Well channel these via our High Commission in Wellington. The Indians were fascinated with our no borrowing status and were impressed with my explanations. They were keen to help with our plastic recycling and use of pellets for roads. They are world leaders in the recycling of plastics and their use as pellets for road sealing.
The Americans offered their support but I did not raise any other matters with them. Not sure whether fisheries were part of their background so did not raise this. I suppose I should have raised the security issues linked to fisheries treaty but didn’t wish to create a position not conducive to the positioning of this.
Meeting Indonesia was an excellent meeting. Will get their support and will establish diplomatic relations. There are a number of things we need to do before we can start looking at projects.
Acting Secretary to Government will advise these actions.
I’m just pleased we have almost made the membership. The board will meet and decide but we have the numbers needed.
Our team met New Zealand as well and learned that this is the third time Niue has tried to be a member of ADB. Premier Lakatani and Lui both tried and did not succeed. I was not aware of these earlier efforts
Our team of Ian, Peleni, Mario, Pats and Wayne plus Poi and Doreen have done an excellent job. The bulk of the work was done by Ian, Peleni Mario and Pats.
I lead the team.
It is likely that we will not get projects funded until all the prerequisites are completed.
We will be number 68.

Some photos from ADB Meeting

President of Phillipines


Title: Waste recycling
Issue Date: 4 May 2018 
Issue By: Premier
Information Type: Official information
​​Biological waste compost and biogas, plastic processing for road sealing, recycling waste oil and so forth.

While we talk about the need to do some work on the pollutants impacting our environment, a number of operations have already been started and are making steady but good progress.

We have the Australian solid waste plant and operation systems ready to start.

A great deal of background work is being conducted by Wayne Harris-Daw and myself on some of the other waste we need to recycle and remove from our environment safely.

Some of our preliminary work has resulted in the purchase of a number of small processing machinery which may eventually lead to bigger plant.

An oil filtering machine has been purchased to process waste oil to be reused again. If this works then our oil imports will be reduced.

There has been some work done in Christchurch on the palletising all plastics for use for road sealing. The company has already started to use this product so we will be looking to see if they can be applied here. But India is apparently the leader in the world in this process and use recycled plastic for road sealing.

Biogas is a technology used a great deal in Asia. Most can be installed at homes. The plant we’re looking at will be slightly bigger to process all our biomass from homes. We hope that if successful, the mess down at Tafalalo will be finally cleaned up.

All biological waste will be processed there and by products of methane gas and compost and fertiliser will be sold to help pay for the running cost.

There is another system developed in Australia which can be portable and it produces compost from all household waste. The end product for this system is compost.

Biogas unit produces gas, compost and fertiliser.

We will need to evaluate both to find the most effective and cost effective system for us. Bottle crushing will be improved and the size of the machine will be bigger. The crushed glass is being used on the roads now.

The aluminium can crushing will be supported so that they can be more efficient.  We will continue to support the Catholic Church with this operation.